We are an Ally to Your Business and the Environment

We power industrial markets with the environment,
our employees, and community in mind.

Protecting and Partnering With Our Local Community

While Allied is transforming waste streams into reusable products and manufacturing essential chemistries, Allied holds its customers, vendors, and employees to the highest standards of safety. The safety of our employees and community is and will always be top of mind.

Allied’s distillation and chemical manufacturing operations sit on approximately 25% of Allied’s acreage footprint. Allied’s unutilized acreage is home to grazing livestock on our southern tract and buzzing bee colonies on our eastern tract. Allied is a proud partner of the Brazoria County Beekeeper Association’s “Queen Bee Initiative,” whose mission is to share knowledge of honeybees and beekeeping with the local community.


Through distillation and reclamation of waste materials formerly destined to end up in landfills and incinerators, Allied offers the quintessential missing link in the circular economy and helps our industrial partners reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on emissions by turning waste products into economically and ecologically viable solutions.


We have the speed, nimbleness, and flexibility of a small business, but the research & development capabilities and operational capacity of a large, macro-scaled enterprise.


We take customer service personally. From dealing directly with the team that’s handling your products and helping you, to receiving focused customer service immediately on the spot, we prioritize a face-to-face, hands-on approach that puts the customer first.


Rigorous quality checks, combined with industry-leading safety measures and adherence to regulatory requirements means our team and our customers can always rest assured we are keeping their utmost safety in mind.

Sustainability Initiatives for a Circular Future

Scope 3 Emissions are greenhouse gas emissions that indirectly occur across an organization’s value chain. Scope 3 Emissions are often the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions for a company.

These emissions result from the activities of a company’s suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, as well as from the use and disposal of its products. Scope 3 Emissions are often the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions for a company and can be difficult to measure and mitigate as they are beyond the direct control of the organization.

At Allied, we partner with companies and operate in symbiosis with them to help cut their scope 3 emissions. In that way, we provide a buffer against indirect emissions that these companies may otherwise overlook or fail to address.

Our Values Bring Us Together as a Cohesive Team